On Sponsors of the 28th National and 6th International Iranian Biomecial Engineering Conference

ChitoTech was developed from a research facility for studying marine biopolymers and their applications in medicine. The manufacturing site of the company established in 2004. ChitoTech activities are based on cutting edge technologies, producing advanced wound care, hemostatic products and colloidal silver antiseptic. Products in ChitoTech have the approval of Iranian Ministry of Health as well as CE, ISO13485 certificates. Our technologis are protected by European, American and National patents. ChitoTech wound care products are suitable for a wide range of ulcers and burn wounds, hemostatic products are in different forms and are suitable for stopping venous and arterial bleedings and SilvoSept antiseptic solutions are a novel class of non-alcoholic antiseptics using colloidal silver technology. Diagnistic products are suitable for wound assessment and infection detection. ChitoTech aims to offer consumers and healthcare systems safe, high quality and non-invasive.

Eqlim Danesh, established in 1997, is an Iranian company with a country-wide reputation in supplying a variety of medical equipment and consumables for Iranian universities, hospitals, laboratories and dental clinics. Eqlim Danesh cooperates with several companies worldwide; Japanese Technomedia Co. LtD., the well-known manufacturer of BC ROBO SYSTEM and blood gas analyzers, Australian ADInstruments, the credible producer for medical research equipment, and Swiss companies Diatessin, dental burs manufacturer, and Saremco, producer of dental composite, are the international business partners of Eqlim Danesh.

The National Brain Mapping Laboratory (NBML) has been established to meet a part of national research and technology demands by providing infrastructures for imaging and brain stimulation for cognitive researches and provision of knowledge-based and innovative services in the field of cognitive sciences and technologies. NBML is a national institution that provides services to all universities and researchers in the country. The equipment of the lab includes the 3 Tesla MRI, none-invasive brain stimulation (TMS and TCS compatible with MRI), Electroencephalography (MRI-compatible) and fNIRS. This lab has also been equipped with the high tech facilities of data, images and signals processing as well as cognitive assessments