ICBME 2021 Selected Best Papers

ICBME 2021 Selected Best Papers
Paper code Title Track name Authors Presenters: full names
1570748413 Musculoskeletal Injury Risk Assessment in a Car Dashboard Assembly Line Using Various Quantitative and Qualitative Tools Other Topics Related to Biomedical Engineering Mohammadreza Bahramian; Mohammad Amin Shayestehpour; Mohammad Yavari; Hossein Mehrabi; Navid Arjmand Mohammadreza Bahramian
1570757409 A Deep Learning Approach to Determine Age-Related EEG Features in Parkinson's Disease Biological System Modeling and Methodologies AmirAli Mirian; Hossna Shirshekar; Maryam S. Mirian; Ramy Hussain; Soojin Lee; Martin McKeown AmirAli Mirian; Maryam S. Mirian
1570758104 Chitosan/Alginate Polyelectrolyte Composite Scaffolds Containing Bioactive Glass Nanoparticles for Bone Tissue Regeneration Biomaterials, Molecular and Cellular Engineering Mostafa Mokhtari; Abdoreza Sheikh-Mehdi Mesgar Mostafa Mokhtari
1570757329 Emotion Recognition Using Sparse Graph Analysis of Brain Connectivity Biological Signal Processing Shirin Shoushtari; Hoda Mohammad Zadeh; Arash Amini Shirin Shoushtari
1570757570 A Novel Electrospun Scaffold for Collagenous Connective Tissue Regeneration Tissue Engineering Elham Rahimtoroghi; Mehran Kasra; Homa Maleki Elham Rahimtoroghi
1570757413 Cell Dynamics in Chondrocyte Encapsulated Microcarries Used for Cell Delivery: Insights from Computational Modeling Mathematics in Biomedical Engineering Parisa Torabi Rahvar; Mohammad J. Abdekhodaie Parisa Torabi Rahvar
1570757398 Characterization of Platinum Coated Electrodes Encapsulated in Microfluidic Channel for Impedancemetry Applications Bio-Devices Roya Mohajeri; Zeynab Alipour; Saeed Hajihosseini; Seyed Iman Mirzaie; Mehdi Fardmanesh Saeed Hajihosseini
1570748915 Medial-Lateral Position of Hand Changes Shoulder Muscle Synergy During the Push-Up Exercises Sports Biomechanics Hamidreza Barnamehei; Sahar Abbasizadeh Hamidreza Barnamehei
1570756852 A Modified Expansion-Contraction Cavity Array with Extra Flow Regulator Applicable for Cell Manipulation Bio-Devices Zohreh Rostami; Amir Shamloo Zohreh Rostami
1570757002 Designing and Modeling a Centrifugal Micromixer for Continuous Circulating Tumor Cells Lysis Biochemical Engineering Amir Shamloo; Ali Shafie Souderjani; Rasool Dezhkam; Ali Mashhadian Ali Shafie Souderjani
1570749307 Designing a Unit Cell to Investigate the Effect of Collagen Type IX on Mechanical Properties of Human Cartilage Tissue Engineering Fatemeh Jalali; Mohammad Ali Nazari Fatemeh Jalali
1570753112 Human Blood Glucose Measurement Based on Infra-Red Spectroscopy Biometrics and Bio-measurements Afarin Aghassizadeh; Mohammad Reza Nematollahi; Seyed Iman Mirzaie; Mehdi Fardmanesh Afarin Aghassizadeh
1570757046 Modified Burst Analysis Spectroscopy for Studying Distributions of Protein Aggregates and Fluorescent Assemblies Biological Signal Processing Hasan Abbasi; Zahra Kavehvash Zahra Kavehvash
1570757426 Cross-Subject fNIRS Signals Channel-Selection Based on Multi-Objective NSGA-II Algorithm Biological Signal Processing M. Moein Esfahani; Hossein Sadati M. Moein Esfahani
1570749140 EEG Coherence Pattern Through Recalling Positive Autobiographical Memories and Neurofeedback Biological Signal Processing Amin Dehghani; Hamid Soltanian-Zadeh; Gholam Ali Hossein-Zadeh Amin Dehghani
1570756977 Fabrication of Flexible Strain Sensors Using Electrohydrodynamically Printed Silver Nanowires Bio-Devices Ali Arafi; Ali Akbari; Kaivan Mohammadi; Mohammad R. Movahhedy Ali Akbari
1570748238 Adapted Coherent Weighting in Photoacoustic Tomography Biomedical Imaging & Image Processing Soheil Hakakzadeh; Seyed Masood Mostafavi; Mohammadreza Amjadian; Zahra Kavehvash Zahra Kavehvash
1570747930 Finite Element Analysis of the Effects of Microgravity Conditions on Shear-Induced Modulation of Stem Cells Biofluid Mechanics Roza Vaez Ghaemi; Bahman Vahidi; Zakieh Alihemmati; Mohammad Hossein Sabour; Nooshin Haghighipour Zakieh Alihemmati
1570749187 Improving the Methods of Converting Motion Signals Produced by Wearable Devices into Digital Images for Training Elderly Fall Detection Convolutional Neural Networks Telehealth and Healthcare Information Systems, Telemedicine Arman Arezoomand; Mohammad Fakharzadeh; Jamal Arghavani Hadi Arman Arezoomand
1570757056 The Effect of Helical and Vortical Structures on Lagrangian Behavior of Particles in the End-To-Side Anastomosis Using Discrete-Phase Modeling Biofluid Mechanics Mohammadreza Balouchestani asl; Mohsen Saghafian; Mohammad Shumal Mohammadreza Balouchestani asl
1570757357 Brain Source Localization Using EEG and MEG Integration Based on New WMNE Scheme Biological Signal Processing Ashkan Oliaiee; Sepideh Hajipour Sardouie; Mohammad Bagher Shamsollahi Ashkan Oliaiee