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Is this conference internationally accredited?

The conference has accredited annually by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology of Iran and annually sponsored by the IEEE.

What is the rating of this conference?

This is a conference from the series of the national and the international conferences of Iranian Society of Biomedical Engineering (ICBME).

Where can I find information about the submission process?

You can find the information from the "For Authors" tab.

Will the participants of the educational workshop events receive a certificate?

Yes; if the participants manage to finish the course.

Are the expenses the same for the papers written in English and Persian?

Yes, the expenses are the same. Indexing fee is applied to the IEEE-Xplore indexed paper only for papers written in English. Authors outside the IR Iran should pay in US dollar.

Where can I find a template for English papers?

You can find the template in the "For Authors" tab.

Is there a possibility for an early review (before the official results)?

No, the results will only be announced in the system on the mentioned date, after the final review committee session.

I have questions about Visa and accommodation during the conference, who should I contact?

First visit the visa and "EVENT VENUE" tag, If there are further questions, please email us your questions.